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Working Together to Help the People in Ukraine

As a Ukranian born American, I am deeply affected by what is happening in Ukraine right now.  I wanted to get involved, as I began to listen to the of friends and family in Ukraine who were being adversely affected or displaced by the conflict. was built to help the people in Ukraine. Being that we have little overhead, we are able to provide as near to 100{d57ca0d9ab0b2c2d67e6bd9d7e769572635a7b0a30f019694e872f95e5e9d351} of your donation to people in Ukraine who desperately need the help; however, we are equally interested in gathering supplies, as that is as crucial right now.

Our Mission

Providing People in Ukraine with Urgently Needed Supplies and Support

Millions of Ukrainians have been seriously adversely affected and displaced by the war happening in their home country. And it’s happening right in their cities, towns, and neighborhoods. As the war presses on, more and more people are experiencing significant losses and the abrupt chaos that has disrupted the lives of millions of Ukrainians. For some, they have lost everything. For others, many are having to leave their homes with little or no notice. As such, there is an urgent need for basic supplies and aid. 

We are collecting and sending much needed supplies, Almost anything that you can offer to the people in Ukraine can be of help, but of particular need are: nappies and wet wipes, including nappies for elderly; dry sanitary products; thermal clothes and gloves; batteries, flashlights and candles; food for children – long term and dry; warm blankets and sleeping bags; Painkillers; dressings; face masks and hand gels; dog/cat food. Also sanitizer and hygiene kits with toothbrushes, soap, razors etc.

As for the funds we are raising, we are a grassroots, privately funded project and as such, have minimal overhead, which ensures that we able to forward virtually direct aid to refugee families who need it most. 

Thank you for your support and any help you can provide.

Support and donation

Thanks to You, We Can Help

Right now the people of Ukraine are facing terrible challenges as a full-scale war plagues their country. As a result, there are now over 2.7 million Ukranian refugees at who have been displaced from their homes and or left to flee a violent war whose death toll is already in the thousands. Together we can help the people in Ukraine.