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We're Sending Help to Ukraine, with Supplies and Aid.

Providing Supplies

We collect and distribute supplies that are desperately needed by the over 6 million Ukranians who have been displaced from their homes.

Providing Aid

We're helping those affected by the war in Ukraine by raising money to provide direct aid to the people in Ukraine who need it most.

what is Our Mission

Helping Those Who Have Been Displaced in Ukraine

Millions of families in Ukraine are being effected adversely by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Many have had their homes destroyed or have had to leave their homes to seek safety. They have often had to flee this terrible violence with little if any time to prepare. Many carrying on their backs all that they have left or could bring with them. Needless to say, countless Ukranian people are 

Images From Ukraine
How you can help

Make a Challenging Time Easier for Them

With the shortage of necessary aid and supplies in Ukraine, countless families are left needing serious help from around the world. Your donations of aid and supplies will go directly to them.

People in Ukraine Need Basic Supplies. Have something to donate?

Almost anything that you can offer to the people in Ukraine can be of help, but of particular need are: nappies and wet wipes, including nappies for elderly; dry sanitary products; thermal clothes and gloves; batteries, flashlights and candles; food for children – long term and dry; warm blankets and sleeping bags; Painkillers; dressings; face masks and hand gels; dog/cat food. Also sanitizer and hygiene kits with toothbrushes, soap, razors etc.

Support and donation

Thanks to You, We Can Help

Right now the people of Ukraine are facing terrible challenges as a full-scale war plagues their country. As a result, there are now over 2.7 million Ukranian refugees at who have been displaced from their homes and or left to flee a violent war whose death toll is already in the thousands. Together we can help the people in Ukraine.